The Norwegian Fjord Coin

           Fjordcoin is a free currency that will show that it is possible to build sustainable economics with new ideas and community-friendly projects. Without compromising the bureaucratic path and taking up the competition against the major international giants, with short effective decision-making and honest effective thinking and cooperation without detours.

Fjord Coin is a currency based on the simple solutions that people at the Norwegian fjords base their reality on.

Fjord Coin is a free trading currency, but can also be used in real life as payment on the networks own cashfree buses and boats in the Sognefjord and to and from Bergen, and will be extended to Oslo, Stryn and Ålesund in 2019. See Here You can also travel on a multi-day explorer cruise and pay with Fjordcoin. Always with 10% discount on all valid prices.

Fjordcoin is governed by Norwegian laws and is distributed by Norwegian Fjord Vision Ltd NUF, which owns 2,5% of all Fjordcoins. The development of a healthy tasteful energic soft drink from the fjords that will compete against coca-cola and redbull NORWEGIAN ENERGY AS, and the bus boat and fjord tour company FJORDBOOKING AS actively uses Fjordcoin, and the aim is that tourism companies In western Norway, can associate with the currency and pay with them. Without paying substantial commissions to a hidden international broker, without any community interests. And if it works here it can work in the rest of the world.

FjordCoin is not a bank and does not borrow Fjordcoin, but good projects that need a push to get past the bureaucratic wall and succeed with their ideas can contact. And it is possible to be a subcontractor to the companies

All owners of Fjordcoin receive a regular newsletter with updates on the currency and special offers on tours such as bicycle cruises, theme meetings by the fjords, clothing from the own Fjord Vision collection with whoolen sweaters, and how the Norwegian Energy is performing. Including offers to pay for shares in Norwegian Energy and Fjordbooking with Fjord Coin

Donations are very welcome and will be used in the construction of Fjord Coin, Norwegian Energy, Fjordbooking and The Fjord Society. We also look at the possibility of building the world's first totally environmentally friendly recyclable salmon farming in the fjords, where the remaining substances after pressing to Norwegian Energy are given as an additional to the fish, and all is a closed process without waste or disease infectious in the sea, see

Welcome aboard! There is a Fjord in your future.